NVIDIA Holoscan SDK v1.0.3
Holoscan 1.0.3

Class ExecutionContext

Derived Type

class ExecutionContext

Class to hold the execution context.

This class provides the execution context for the operator.

Subclassed by holoscan::gxf::GXFExecutionContext

Public Functions

ExecutionContext() = default

Construct a new Execution Context object.

inline InputContext *input() const

Get the input context.


The pointer to the input context.

inline OutputContext *output() const

Get the output context.


The pointer to the output context.

inline void *context() const

Get the context.


The pointer to the context.

Protected Attributes

InputContext *input_context_ = nullptr

The input context.

OutputContext *output_context_ = nullptr

The output context.

void *context_ = nullptr

The context.

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