NVIDIA Holoscan SDK v1.0.3
Holoscan 1.0.3

Class GXFParameterAdaptor

class GXFParameterAdaptor

Public Types

using AdaptFunc = std::function<gxf_result_t(gxf_context_t context, gxf_uid_t uid, const char *key, const ArgType &arg_type, const std::any &any_value)>

Public Functions

inline AdaptFunc &get_param_handler(std::type_index index)

template<typename typeT>
inline void add_param_handler(AdaptFunc func)

inline void add_param_handler(std::type_index index, AdaptFunc func)

template<typename typeT>
inline void add_param_handler()

Public Static Functions

static GXFParameterAdaptor &get_instance()

Get the instance of GXFParameterAdaptor.


The reference of the static GXFParameterAdaptor instance.

static inline gxf_result_t set_param(gxf_context_t context, gxf_uid_t uid, const char *key, ParameterWrapper &param_wrap)

template<typename typeT>
static inline void ensure_type()

Public Static Attributes

static AdaptFunc none_param_handler = [](gxf_context_t context, gxf_uid_t uid,const char* key, constArgType& arg_type,const std::any& any_value) {(void)context;(void)uid;(void)key;(void)arg_type;(void)any_value;HOLOSCAN_LOG_ERROR("Unable to handle parameter: {}", key);return GXF_FAILURE;}

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