NVIDIA Holoscan SDK v1.0.3
Holoscan 1.0.3

Class VideoStreamSerializer

Base Type

  • private gxf::EntitySerializer

class VideoStreamSerializer : private gxf::EntitySerializer

Data marshalling codelet for video stream entities.

Serializes and deserializes entities with the provided component serializers. Little-endian is used over big-endian for better performance on x86 and arm platforms. Entities are serialized in the following format:

| Entity Header || Component Header | Component Name | Component | … | … | … |

Components will be serialized in the order they are added to the entity. Components without serializers will be skipped. Each component will be preceded by a component header and the name of the component. The component itself will be serialized with a component serializer. An entity header will be added at the beginning.

Public Functions

gxf_result_t registerInterface(gxf::Registrar *registrar) override

inline gxf_result_t initialize() override

inline gxf_result_t deinitialize() override

gxf_result_t serialize_entity_abi(gxf_uid_t eid, gxf::Endpoint *endpoint, uint64_t *size) override

gxf_result_t deserialize_entity_abi(gxf_uid_t eid, gxf::Endpoint *endpoint) override

gxf::Expected<gxf::Entity> deserialize_entity_header_abi(gxf::Endpoint *endpoint) override

struct ComponentHeader

Public Members

uint64_t serialized_size

gxf_tid_t tid

uint64_t name_size

struct EntityHeader

Public Members

uint64_t serialized_size

uint32_t checksum

uint64_t sequence_number

uint32_t flags

uint64_t component_count

uint64_t reserved

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