Struct CPUInfo

Holoscan 1.0.3
struct CPUInfo

CPUInfo struct.

This struct is responsible for holding the CPU information.

Public Members

uint64_t metric_flags = 0

The metric flags.

int32_t num_cores = 0

The number of cores.

int32_t num_cpus = 0

The number of CPUs.

int32_t num_processors = 0

The number of available processors.

float cpu_usage = 0.0f

The CPU usage (in percent)

uint64_t memory_total = 0

The total memory (in bytes)

uint64_t memory_free = 0

The free memory (in bytes)

uint64_t memory_available = 0

The available memory (in bytes)

float memory_usage = 0.0f

The memory usage (in percent)

uint64_t shared_memory_total = 0

The total shared memory (in bytes)

uint64_t shared_memory_free = 0

The free shared memory (in bytes)

uint64_t shared_memory_available = 0

The available shared memory (in bytes)

float shared_memory_usage = 0.0f

The shared memory usage (in percent)

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