NVIDIA Holoscan SDK v1.0.3
Holoscan 1.0.3

Struct OperatorTimestampLabel

struct OperatorTimestampLabel

This struct represents a timestamp label for a Holoscan Operator.

The class stores information about the timestamps when an operator receives from an input and when it publishes to an output. It also holds a reference to the operator.

This class is used by MessageLabel to create an array of Operators representing a path.

Public Functions

OperatorTimestampLabel() = default

inline explicit OperatorTimestampLabel(Operator *op)

Construct a new OperatorTimestampLabel object from an Operator pointer with a receive timestamp equal to the current time and publish timestamp equal to -1.


op – The pointer to the operator for which the timestamp label is created.

inline OperatorTimestampLabel(Operator *op, int64_t rec_t, int64_t pub_t)

inline OperatorTimestampLabel(const OperatorTimestampLabel &o)

OperatorTimestampLabel &operator=(const OperatorTimestampLabel &o)

inline void set_pub_timestamp_to_current()

Public Members

Operator *operator_ptr = nullptr

int64_t rec_timestamp = 0

int64_t pub_timestamp = 0

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