User Guide (Latest Version)
  • Java 8+

  • Spark event log(s) from Spark 2.0 or above version. Supports both rolled and compressed event logs with .lz4, .lzf, .snappy and .zstd suffixes as well as Databricks-specific rolled and compressed(.gz) event logs.

  • The tool requires the Spark 3.x+ jars to be able to run but it does not need an Apache Spark runtime. If you do not already have Spark 3.x+ installed, you can download the Apache Spark Distribution to any machine and include the jars in the classpath.

  • This tool parses the Spark CPU event log(s) and creates an output report. Acceptable inputs are either individual or multiple event logs files or directories containing spark event logs in the local filesystem, HDFS, S3, ABFS, GCS or mixed. If you want to point to the local filesystem be sure to include prefix file: in the path. If any input is a remote file path or directory path, then you need to the connector dependencies to be on the classpath

    Include $HADOOP_CONF_DIR in classpath

    Sample showing Java’s classpath
    -cp ~/rapids-4-spark-tools_2.12-<version>.jar:$SPARK_HOME/jars/*:$HADOOP_CONF_DIR/

    Download the gcs-connector-hadoop3-<version>-shaded.jar and follow the instructions to configure Hadoop/Spark.

    Download the matched jars based on the Hadoop version

    • hadoop-aws-<version>.jar

    • aws-java-sdk-<version>.jar

    In $SPARK_HOME/conf, create hdfs-site.xml with below AWS S3 keys inside:

     1<?xml version="1.0"?>
     3   <property>
     4      <name>fs.s3a.access.key</name>
     5      <value>xxx</value>
     6   </property>
     7   <property>
     8      <name>fs.s3a.secret.key</name>
     9      <value>xxx</value>
    10   </property>

    You can test your configuration by including the above jars in the -jars option to spark-shell or spark-submit

    Please refer to the Hadoop-AWS doc on more options about integrating Hadoop-AWS module with S3.

    • Download the matched jar based on the Hadoop version hadoop-azure-<version>.jar.

    • The simplest authentication mechanism is to use account-name and account-key. Please refer to the Hadoop-ABFS support doc on more options about integrating Hadoop-ABFS module with ABFS.

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