Class Sink

Base Type

  • public gxf::Codelet

class nvidia::holoscan::visualizer_tool_tracking::Sink : public gxf::Codelet

Visualization Codelet for Instrument Tracking and Overlay.

This visualizer uses OpenGL/CUDA interopt for quickly passing data from the output of inference to an OpenGL context for rendering. The visualizer renders the location and text of an instrument and optionally displays the model’s confidence score.

Public Functions

gxf_result_t start() override
gxf_result_t tick() override
gxf_result_t stop() override
gxf_result_t registerInterface(gxf::Registrar *registrar) override
void onKeyCallback(int key, int scancode, int action, int mods)
void onFramebufferSizeCallback(int width, int height)

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