Custom Models#

The following NLP task is supported in Riva:

  • Punctuation and capitalization

Custom, supported NLP models trained with NVIDIA NeMo can be deployed in Riva using the riva-build and riva-deploy commands as documented in the Riva Build and Riva Deploy sections. In the simplest case, you can deploy an NLP pipeline as follows:

riva-build <task_name> \
    <rmir_filename>:<encryption_key>  \
    <riva_filename>:<encryption_key>  \


  • <task_name> is the type of NLP pipeline to deploy. Supported value is punctuation.

  • <rmir_filename> is the Riva rmir file that is generated

  • <riva_filename> is the name of the riva file to use as input

  • <encryption_key> is the key used to encrypt the files. The encryption key for the pre-trained Riva models uploaded on NGC is tlt_encode.

The punctuation and capitalization task (that is, <task_name>=punctuation) supports an optional parameter called --language_code which must be set to the BCP-47 ( language code of the language the target model was trained on. When receiving ASR requests with the enable_automatic_punctuation Boolean flag set to true, the Riva server will look for a punctuation and capitalization model with the requested language code, and use it to add punctuation and capitalization to the ASR transcript.

Each of the tasks supports a set of arguments that enables you to configure your settings using the CLI. Use the format riva-build <task name> -h to view a list of available CLI inputs for each task.

Pretrained Models#