Updating the Mellanox Network Card Firmware

After replacing or installing the Mellanox ConnectX cards, make sure the firmware on the cards is up to date.
  1. Confirm the OS is updated to the latest version; this will ensure the latest tested and supported firmware is downloaded.
    $ sudo apt update
    $ sudo apt full-upgrade 
  2. Run the firmware update script as follows:
    $ sudo /opt/mellanox/mlnx-fw-updater/mlnx_fw_updater.pl 
    If the firmware version in the new card is more recent than the one available in the operating system, the firmware should be downgraded to a supported version by issuing the following:
    $ sudo /opt/mellanox/mlnx-fw-updater/mlnx_fw_updater.pl --force-fw-update 
  3. Reboot the system for the firmware update to take effect.
    $ sudo reboot
  4. Once the system comes up, make sure the firmware versions are all the same by issuing:
    $ cat /sys/class/infiniband/mlx5_*/fw_ver