7.64. CUmulticastObjectProp_v1 Struct Reference

[Data types used by CUDA driver]

Specifies the properties for a multicast object.

Public Variables

unsigned long long  flags
unsigned long long  handleTypes
unsigned int  numDevices
size_t  size


unsigned long long CUmulticastObjectProp_v1::flags [inherited]

Flags for future use, must be zero now

unsigned long long CUmulticastObjectProp_v1::handleTypes [inherited]

Bitmask of exportable handle types (see CUmemAllocationHandleType) for this object

unsigned int CUmulticastObjectProp_v1::numDevices [inherited]

The number of devices in the multicast team that will bind memory to this object

size_t CUmulticastObjectProp_v1::size [inherited]

The maximum amount of memory that can be bound to this multicast object per device