7.45. CUdevprop_v1 Struct Reference

[Data types used by CUDA driver]

Legacy device properties

Public Variables

int  SIMDWidth
int  clockRate
int  maxGridSize[3]
int  maxThreadsDim[3]
int  maxThreadsPerBlock
int  memPitch
int  regsPerBlock
int  sharedMemPerBlock
int  textureAlign
int  totalConstantMemory


int CUdevprop_v1::SIMDWidth [inherited]

Warp size in threads

int CUdevprop_v1::clockRate [inherited]

Clock frequency in kilohertz

int CUdevprop_v1::maxGridSize[3] [inherited]

Maximum size of each dimension of a grid

int CUdevprop_v1::maxThreadsDim[3] [inherited]

Maximum size of each dimension of a block

int CUdevprop_v1::maxThreadsPerBlock [inherited]

Maximum number of threads per block

int CUdevprop_v1::memPitch [inherited]

Maximum pitch in bytes allowed by memory copies

int CUdevprop_v1::regsPerBlock [inherited]

32-bit registers available per block

int CUdevprop_v1::sharedMemPerBlock [inherited]

Shared memory available per block in bytes

int CUdevprop_v1::textureAlign [inherited]

Alignment requirement for textures

int CUdevprop_v1::totalConstantMemory [inherited]

Constant memory available on device in bytes