7.59. CUlaunchMemSyncDomainMap Struct Reference

[Data types used by CUDA driver]

Memory Synchronization Domain map

See cudaLaunchMemSyncDomain.

By default, kernels are launched in domain 0. Kernel launched with CU_LAUNCH_MEM_SYNC_DOMAIN_REMOTE will have a different domain ID. User may also alter the domain ID with CUlaunchMemSyncDomainMap for a specific stream / graph node / kernel launch. See CU_LAUNCH_ATTRIBUTE_MEM_SYNC_DOMAIN_MAP.

Domain ID range is available through CU_DEVICE_ATTRIBUTE_MEM_SYNC_DOMAIN_COUNT.

Public Variables

unsigned char  default_
unsigned char  remote


unsigned char CUlaunchMemSyncDomainMap::default_ [inherited]

The default domain ID to use for designated kernels

unsigned char CUlaunchMemSyncDomainMap::remote [inherited]

The remote domain ID to use for designated kernels