7.52. CUgraphExecUpdateResultInfo_v1 Struct Reference

[Data types used by CUDA driver]

Result information returned by cuGraphExecUpdate

Public Variables

CUgraphNode errorFromNode
CUgraphNode errorNode
CUgraphExecUpdateResult result


CUgraphNodeCUgraphExecUpdateResultInfo_v1::errorFromNode [inherited]

The from node of error edge when the topologies do not match. Otherwise NULL.

CUgraphNodeCUgraphExecUpdateResultInfo_v1::errorNode [inherited]

The "to node" of the error edge when the topologies do not match. The error node when the error is associated with a specific node. NULL when the error is generic.

CUgraphExecUpdateResultCUgraphExecUpdateResultInfo_v1::result [inherited]

Gives more specific detail when a cuda graph update fails.