7.64. CUmemPoolProps_v1 Struct Reference

[Data types used by CUDA driver]

Specifies the properties of allocations made from the pool.

Public Variables

CUmemAllocationType allocType
CUmemAllocationHandleType handleTypes
struct CUmemLocation location
size_t  maxSize
unsigned char  reserved[56]
void * win32SecurityAttributes


CUmemAllocationTypeCUmemPoolProps_v1::allocType [inherited]

Allocation type. Currently must be specified as CU_MEM_ALLOCATION_TYPE_PINNED

CUmemAllocationHandleTypeCUmemPoolProps_v1::handleTypes [inherited]

Handle types that will be supported by allocations from the pool.

struct CUmemLocationCUmemPoolProps_v1::location [inherited]

Location where allocations should reside.

size_t CUmemPoolProps_v1::maxSize [inherited]

Maximum pool size. When set to 0, defaults to a system dependent value.

unsigned char CUmemPoolProps_v1::reserved[56] [inherited]

reserved for future use, must be 0

void * CUmemPoolProps_v1::win32SecurityAttributes [inherited]

Windows-specific LPSECURITYATTRIBUTES required when CU_MEM_HANDLE_TYPE_WIN32 is specified. This security attribute defines the scope of which exported allocations may be transferred to other processes. In all other cases, this field is required to be zero.