7.4. CUDA_ARRAY3D_DESCRIPTOR_v2 Struct Reference

[Data types used by CUDA driver]

3D array descriptor

Public Variables

size_t  Depth
unsigned int  Flags
CUarray_format Format
size_t  Height
unsigned int  NumChannels
size_t  Width


size_t CUDA_ARRAY3D_DESCRIPTOR_v2::Depth [inherited]

Depth of 3D array

unsigned int CUDA_ARRAY3D_DESCRIPTOR_v2::Flags [inherited]


CUarray_formatCUDA_ARRAY3D_DESCRIPTOR_v2::Format [inherited]

Array format

size_t CUDA_ARRAY3D_DESCRIPTOR_v2::Height [inherited]

Height of 3D array

unsigned int CUDA_ARRAY3D_DESCRIPTOR_v2::NumChannels [inherited]

Channels per array element

size_t CUDA_ARRAY3D_DESCRIPTOR_v2::Width [inherited]

Width of 3D array