[Data types used by CUDA driver]

Conditional node parameters

Public Variables

CUcontext ctx
CUgraphConditionalHandle handle
unsigned int  size
CUgraphConditionalNodeType type


CUcontextCUDA_CONDITIONAL_NODE_PARAMS::ctx [inherited]

Context on which to run the node. Must match context used to create the handle and all body nodes.

CUgraphConditionalHandleCUDA_CONDITIONAL_NODE_PARAMS::handle [inherited]

Conditional node handle. Handles must be created in advance of creating the node using cuGraphConditionalHandleCreate.

CUgraph* * CUDA_CONDITIONAL_NODE_PARAMS::phGraph_out [inherited]

CUDA-owned array populated with conditional node child graphs during creation of the node. Valid for the lifetime of the conditional node. The contents of the graph(s) are subject to the following constraints:

  • Allowed node types are kernel nodes, empty nodes, child graphs, memsets, memcopies, and conditionals. This applies recursively to child graphs and conditional bodies.

  • All kernels, including kernels in nested conditionals or child graphs at any level, must belong to the same CUDA context.

These graphs may be populated using graph node creation APIs or cuStreamBeginCaptureToGraph.

unsigned int CUDA_CONDITIONAL_NODE_PARAMS::size [inherited]

Size of graph output array. Must be 1.

CUgraphConditionalNodeTypeCUDA_CONDITIONAL_NODE_PARAMS::type [inherited]

Type of conditional node.