7.32. CUDA_MEM_ALLOC_NODE_PARAMS_v1 Struct Reference

[Data types used by CUDA driver]

Memory allocation node parameters

Public Variables

size_t  accessDescCount
const CUmemAccessDescaccessDescs
size_t  bytesize
CUdeviceptr dptr
struct CUmemPoolProps poolProps


size_t CUDA_MEM_ALLOC_NODE_PARAMS_v1::accessDescCount [inherited]

in: number of memory access descriptors. Must not exceed the number of GPUs.

const CUmemAccessDesc * CUDA_MEM_ALLOC_NODE_PARAMS_v1::accessDescs [inherited]

in: array of memory access descriptors. Used to describe peer GPU access

size_t CUDA_MEM_ALLOC_NODE_PARAMS_v1::bytesize [inherited]

in: size in bytes of the requested allocation

CUdeviceptrCUDA_MEM_ALLOC_NODE_PARAMS_v1::dptr [inherited]

out: address of the allocation returned by CUDA

struct CUmemPoolPropsCUDA_MEM_ALLOC_NODE_PARAMS_v1::poolProps [inherited]

in: location where the allocation should reside (specified in location). handleTypes must be CU_MEM_HANDLE_TYPE_NONE. IPC is not supported.