Bug Fixes in This Release

NVIDIA UFM Enterprise User Manual v6.16.0

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Description: Fixed issue where following the UFM HA upgrade from version 5.0.1-2 to version 5.3.1-2, the ufm_ha_cluster config command wiped the root partition

Keywords: UFM HA Upgrade, ufm_ha_cluster config, Root Partition, Wipe

Discovered in Release: 6.15.2


Description: Fixed intermittent UFM REST API Failures

Keywords: REST API, Failure

Discovered in Release: 6.15.1


Description: Fixed manage_the_unmanaged tool failure

Keywords: manage_the_unmanaged, Failure

Discovered in Release: 6.15.2


Description: Fixed the issue in congestion control, where cc-policy.conf file remains unchanged following the upgrade of the container version ( with no changes made by the user)

Keywords: Congestion Control, cc-policy.conf, Upgrade, Container

Discovered in Release: 6.16.0-4

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