Known Issues in This Release

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Description: : Upon UFM startup, an empty temporary folder will be created at /tmp folder every 10 minutes (due to periodic telemetry status check
Keywords: Empty folder, temporary, /tmp
Workaround: Add 'rm -f /tmp/tmp*' to crontab to run daily or change instances_sessions_compatibility_interval parameter in gv.cfg to 30/60 minutes
Discovered in Release: v6.15.0


Description: In congestion control, the cc-policy.conf file remains unchanged following the upgrade of the container version ( with no changes made by the user)

Workaround: Copy the cc-policy.conf file from /opt/ufm/skeleton/conf/opensm/cc-policy.conf to /opt/ufm/conf/opensm/cc-policy.conf and restart the UFM for the change to take effect.

Keywords: Congestion Control, cc-policy.conf, Upgrade, Container

Discovered in Release: 6.16.0-4


For a list of known issues from previous releases, please refer to Known Issues History.

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