Class AsynchronousCondition

Holoscan v2.1.0

Base Type

class AsynchronousCondition : public holoscan::gxf::GXFCondition

Condition class to support asynchronous execution of operators.

This condition waits on an asynchronous event which can happen outside of the regular compute function of an operator.

The method event_state() method is used to get or set the asynchronous condition’s state. The possible states are:

  • AsynchronousEventState::READY ///< Initial state, first compute call is pending

  • AsynchronousEventState::WAIT ///< Request to async service yet to be sent, nothing to do but wait

  • AsynchronousEventState::EVENT_WAITING ///< Request sent to an async service, pending event done notification

  • AsynchronousEventState::EVENT_DONE ///< Event done notification received, entity ready to compute

  • AsynchronousEventState::EVENT_NEVER ///< Entity will not call compute again, end of execution

This class wraps GXF SchedulingTerm(nvidia::gxf::AsynchronousSchedulingTerm). The event used corresponds to gxf_event_t enum value GXF_EVENT_EXTERNAL which is supported by all schedulers.

Public Functions

template<typename ArgT, typename ...ArgsT, typename = std::enable_if_t<!std::is_base_of_v<::holoscan::Condition, std::decay_t<ArgT>> && (std::is_same_v<::holoscan::Arg, std::decay_t<ArgT>> || std::is_same_v<::holoscan::ArgList, std::decay_t<ArgT>>)>>
inline AsynchronousCondition(ArgT &&arg, ArgsT&&... args)

AsynchronousCondition() = default

AsynchronousCondition(const std::string &name, nvidia::gxf::AsynchronousSchedulingTerm *term)

inline virtual const char *gxf_typename() const override

virtual void setup(ComponentSpec &spec) override

Define the condition specification.


spec – The reference to the component specification.

void event_state(AsynchronousEventState state)

Set the condition’s asynchronous event state.


state – The state to which the condition should be set.

AsynchronousEventState event_state() const

Get the asynchronous event state.


The current state of the condition.

nvidia::gxf::AsynchronousSchedulingTerm *get() const

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