Class PingTxOp

Holoscan v2.1.0
class PingTxOp : public holoscan::Operator

Simple transmitter operator.

On each tick, it transmits an integer to the “out” port.

==Named Outputs==

  • out : int

    • An index value that increments by one on each call to compute. The starting value is 1.

Public Functions


virtual void setup(OperatorSpec &spec) override

Define the operator specification.


spec – The reference to the operator specification.

virtual void compute(InputContext&, OutputContext &op_output, ExecutionContext&) override

Implement the compute method.

This method is called by the runtime multiple times. The runtime calls this method until the operator is stopped.

  • op_input – The input context of the operator.

  • op_output – The output context of the operator.

  • context – The execution context of the operator.

inline int index() const

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