NVIDIA Holoscan SDK v.2.2.0
Holoscan v2.2.0

Class RuntimeError

Base Type

  • public std::runtime_error

class RuntimeError : public std::runtime_error

Class for runtime errors related to Holoscan SDK.

This class is used to hold runtime error message in Holoscan SDK.

If new error code is required to be added, it could be done by appending to the ErrorCode class and respective error string to the ErrorStrings array.

Public Functions

explicit RuntimeError(holoscan::ErrorCode error_code)
RuntimeError(holoscan::ErrorCode error_code, const std::string &what_arg)
RuntimeError(holoscan::ErrorCode error_code, const char *what_arg)

Public Static Functions

static const char *error_string(const holoscan::ErrorCode error_code)

Get the error string from the error code.


error_code – The error code to be converted.


The converted error string in const char*.

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