3.155. __nv_fmodf


float @__nv_fmodf(float %x, float %y) 


Calculate the floating-point remainder of x / y. The floating-point remainder of the division operation x / y calculated by this function is exactly the value x - n*y, where n is x / y with its fractional part truncated. The computed value will have the same sign as x, and its magnitude will be less than the magnitude of y.


  • Returns the floating-point remainder of x / y.

  • __nv_fmodf( ± 0 , y) returns ± 0 if y is not zero.

  • __nv_fmodf(x, ± ) returns x if x is finite.

  • __nv_fmodf(x, y) returns NaN if x is ± or y is zero.

  • If either argument is NaN, NaN is returned.


For accuracy information see the CUDA C++ Programming Guide, Mathematical Functions Appendix, Single-Precision Floating-Point Functions section.

Library Availability:

Compute 2.0: Yes

Compute 3.0: Yes

Compute 3.5: Yes