3.256. __nv_remquo


double @__nv_remquo(double %x, double %y, i32* %c) 


Compute a double-precision floating-point remainder in the same way as the remainder() function. Argument quo returns part of quotient upon division of x by y. Value quo has the same sign as x y and may not be the exact quotient but agrees with the exact quotient in the low order 3 bits.


Returns the remainder.
  • __nv_remquo(x, 0, quo) returns NaN.

  • __nv_remquo( ± , y, quo) returns NaN.

  • __nv_remquo(x, ± , quo) returns x.


For accuracy information see the CUDA C++ Programming Guide, Mathematical Functions Appendix, Double-Precision Floating-Point Functions section.

Library Availability:

Compute 2.0: Yes

Compute 3.0: Yes

Compute 3.5: Yes