3.231. __nv_modf


double @__nv_modf(double %x, double* %b) 


Break down the argument x into fractional and integral parts. The integral part is stored in the argument iptr. Fractional and integral parts are given the same sign as the argument x.


  • __nv_modf( ± x , iptr) returns a result with the same sign as x.

  • __nv_modf( ± , iptr) returns ± 0 and stores ± in the object pointed to by iptr.

  • __nv_modf(NaN, iptr) stores a NaN in the object pointed to by iptr and returns a NaN.


For accuracy information for this function see the CUDA C++ Programming Guide, Appendix E.1, Table 7.

Library Availability:

Compute 2.0: Yes

Compute 3.0: Yes

Compute 3.5: Yes