3.254. __nv_remainder


double @__nv_remainder(double %x, double %y) 


Compute double-precision floating-point remainder r of dividing x by y for nonzero y. Thus r = x n y . The value n is the integer value nearest x y . In the case when | n x y | = 1 2 , the even n value is chosen.


  • __nv_remainder(x, 0) returns NaN.

  • __nv_remainder( ± , y) returns NaN.

  • __nv_remainder(x, ± ) returns x for finite x.


For accuracy information see the CUDA C++ Programming Guide, Mathematical Functions Appendix, Double-Precision Floating-Point Functions section.

Library Availability:

Compute 2.0: Yes

Compute 3.0: Yes

Compute 3.5: Yes