1. Change Log

This chapter list changes in API that were introduced to the library.


  • Field Groups, GPU Groups, and field watches created with a handle returned from dcgmConnect() are now cleaned up upon disconnect. dcgmConnect_v2() can be used to get the old behavior of objects persisting after disconnect.
  • dcgmConnect_v2() was added as a method for specifying additional connection options when connecting to the host engine.
  • dcgmUnwatchFields() was added as a method of unwatching fields that were previously watched with dcgmWatchFields()
  • dcgmActionValidate_v2() was added to be able to pass more parameters to the DCGM GPU Diagnostic.
  • dcgmDiagResponse_t was increased from v2 to v3. See dcgmDiagResponse_v3 for details


  • No API changes in this version.


  • dcgmGetAllSupportedDevices() was added as a method to get DCGM-supported GPU Ids. dcgmGetAllDevices() can still be used to get all GPU Ids in the system.


  • Initial Release.
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