GStreamer Plugin Overview

DeepStream SDK is based on the GStreamer framework. This section describes the DeepStream GStreamer plugins and the DeepStream input, outputs, and control parameters. DeepStream SDK is supported on systems that contain an NVIDIA® Jetson™ module or an NVIDIA dGPU adapter 1. The manual is intended for engineers who want to develop DeepStream applications or additional plugins using the DeepStream SDK. It also contains information about metadata used in the SDK. Developers can add custom metadata as well. The manual describes the methods defined in the SDK for implementing custom inferencing layers using the IPlugin interface of NVIDIA® TensorRT™. You can refer the sample examples shipped with the SDK as you use this manual to familiarize yourself with DeepStream application and plugin development.



This manual uses the term dGPU (“discrete GPU”) to refer to NVIDIA GPU expansion card products such as NVIDIA® Tesla® T4, NVIDIA® Ampere, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080, and NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2080. This version of DeepStream SDK runs on specific dGPU products on x86_64 platforms supported by NVIDIA driver 535+ and NVIDIA® TensorRT™ and later versions.