The Gst-nvjpegdec plugin decodes images on both dGPU and Jetson platforms. It is the preferred method for decoding JPEG images. On the dGPU platform this plugin is based on the libnvjpeg library, part of the CUDA toolkit. On Jetson it uses a platform-specific hardware accelerator. The plugin uses an internal software parser to parse JPEG streams. Thus, there is no need to use a jpegparse open source plugin separately to parse the encoded frame. The plugin accepts a JPEG encoded bitstream and produces RGBA output on the dGPU platform and produces I420 output on the Jetson platform. This plugin is not applicable on (ARM + dGPU) platforms like arm-sbsa. Use nvimagedec plugin instead. OSS nvjpegdec plugin may be listed in these platforms, but don’t use that.

Inputs and Outputs

  • Inputs

    • Elementary JPEG

  • Control parameters

    • gpu-id (dGPU only)

    • DeepStream (Jetson only)

  • Output

    • Gst Buffer with decoded output in RGBA format for dGPU, and I420 format for Jetson


The following table summarizes the features of the Gst-nvjpegdec plugin.

Gst-nvjpegdec plugin features




Supports JPEG Decode

DS 4.0

Supports MJPEG Decode

DS 4.0

Gst Properties

The following table summarizes the Gst properties of the Gst-nvjpegdec plugin.

Gst-nvjpegdec plugin gst properties



Type and Range

Example and Notes



Device ID of GPU to use for decoding.

Integer, 0 to 4,294,967,295