This document contains instructions for replacing NVIDIA® DGX-2™ System components. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the NVIDIA Terms & Conditions documents before attempting to perform any modification or repair to the DGX-2 System. These Terms & Conditions for the DGX-2 System can be found through the NVIDIA DGX Systems Support page.

Contact NVIDIA Enterprise Support to obtain an RMA number for any system or component that needs to be returned for repair or replacement. When replacing a component, use  only  the replacement supplied to you by NVIDIA.

You can obtain the following components for replacement in your data center.
  • Front Fan Modules

  • Cache (U.2) NVMe Drives

  • Power Supplies

  • Power Supply Carrier

  • Power Supply Carrier Fan

  • Boot (M.2) NVMe Drives

  • Boot Drives Riser Assembly

  • DIMMs

  • Motherboard Tray Battery

  • PCIe Riser Assembly

  • ConnectX-5 Network Adapter Card

  • I/O Expander Tray

  • Front Console Board

  • EMI Shield

  • Bezel

Contact NVIDIA Enterprise Support for replacment instructions and guidance for specific components if those intructions are not included in this document.

NVIDIA Enterprise Support Portal

The best way to file an incident is to log on to the NVIDIA Enterprise Support portal.

NVIDIA Enterprise Support Email

You can also send an email to