Class VirtualReceiverOp

Holoscan v0.6

Base Type

class VirtualReceiverOp : public holoscan::ops::VirtualOperator

Virtual Receiver operator.

This operator represents a receiver that is connected to a transmitter in another fragment. Although this operator has an output port, the output port (and its name) of this operator represents the input port (and its name) of an operator that is connected to this operator in the same fragment.

Public Functions

template<typename StringT, typename ArgListT, typename = std::enable_if_t<std::is_constructible_v<std::string, StringT> && std::is_same_v<ArgList, std::decay_t<ArgListT>>>>
inline explicit VirtualReceiverOp(StringT &&input_port, IOSpec::ConnectorType connector_type, ArgListT &&arg_list)

virtual void setup(OperatorSpec &spec) override

Define the operator specification.


spec – The reference to the operator specification.

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