Class SystemResourceManager

Holoscan v0.6
class SystemResourceManager

SystemResourceManager class.

This class is responsible for monitoring the system resources. It provides the information about the topology of the system and the system resources such as CPU, GPU, etc. This information is collected by the AppWorker and passed to the AppDriver for scheduling in the distributed application.

Public Functions


virtual ~SystemResourceManager() = default

CPUResourceMonitor *cpu_monitor()

Get CPU resource monitor.


The pointer to the CPU resource monitor.

GPUResourceMonitor *gpu_monitor()

Get GPU resource monitor.


The pointer to the GPU resource monitor.

Protected Attributes

std::shared_ptr<Topology> topology_

The topology of the system.

std::shared_ptr<CPUResourceMonitor> cpu_resource_monitor_

The CPU resource monitor.

std::shared_ptr<GPUResourceMonitor> gpu_resource_monitor_

The GPU resource monitor.

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