Class UcxTransmitter

class UcxTransmitter : public holoscan::Transmitter

UCX-based double buffer transmitter class.

The UcxTransmitter class is used to emit messages to an operator within another fragment of a distributed application.

Public Functions

template<typename ArgT, typename ...ArgsT, typename = std::enable_if_t<!std::is_base_of_v<Resource, std::decay_t<ArgT>> && (std::is_same_v<Arg, std::decay_t<ArgT>> || std::is_same_v<ArgList, std::decay_t<ArgT>>)>>
inline UcxTransmitter(ArgT &&arg, ArgsT&&... args)

UcxTransmitter() = default

UcxTransmitter(const std::string &name, nvidia::gxf::Transmitter *component)

inline virtual const char *gxf_typename() const override

virtual void setup(ComponentSpec &spec) override

Define the resource specification.


spec – The reference to the component specification.

virtual void initialize() override

Initialize the component.

This method is called only once when the component is created for the first time, and use of light-weight initialization.

std::string receiver_address()

The IPv4 network address used by the corresponding receiver.

int32_t port()

The network port used by the receiver.

Public Members

Parameter<uint64_t> capacity_

Parameter<uint64_t> policy_

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