GXF extensions

Holoscan v0.6
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See the User Guide for details regarding the extensions in GXF and Holoscan SDK, and for instructions to build your own extensions

  • bayer_demosaic: includes the nvidia::holoscan::BayerDemosaic codelet. It performs color filter array (CFA) interpolation for 1-channel inputs of 8 or 16-bit unsigned integer and outputs an RGB or RGBA image.

  • gxf_holoscan_wrapper: includes the holoscan::gxf::OperatorWrapper codelet. It is used as a utility base class to wrap a holoscan operator to interface with the GXF framework.

  • opengl_renderer: includes the nvidia::holoscan::OpenGLRenderer codelet. It displays a VideoBuffer, leveraging OpenGL/CUDA interop.

  • stream_playback: includes the nvidia::holoscan::stream_playback::VideoStreamSerializer entity serializer to/from a Tensor Object.

  • ucx_holoscan: includes nvidia::holoscan::UcxHoloscanComponentSerializer which is a nvidia::gxf::ComponentSerializer that handles serialization and deserialization of holoscan::Message and holoscan::Tensor types over a Unified Communication X (UCX) network connection. UCX is used by Holoscan SDK to send data between fragments of distributed applications. This extension must be used in combination with standard GXF UCX extension components. Specifically, this UcxHoloscanComponentSerializer is intended for use by the UcxEntitySerializer where it can operate alongside the UcxComponentSerializer that serializes GXF-specific types (nvidia::gxf::Tensor, nvidia::gxf::VideoBuffer, etc.).

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