Holoscan v0.6
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These are the operators included as part of the Holoscan SDK:

  • aja_source: support AJA capture card as source

  • bayer_demosaic: perform color filter array (CFA) interpolation for 1-channel inputs of 8 or 16-bit unsigned integer and outputs an RGB or RGBA image

  • format_converter: provides common video or tensor operations in inference pipelines to change datatypes, resize images, reorder channels, and normalize and scale values.

  • holoviz: handles compositing, blending, and visualization of RGB or RGBA images, masks, geometric primitives, text and depth maps

  • inference: performs AI inference using APIs from HoloInfer module.

  • inference_processor: performs processing of data using APIs from HoloInfer module. In the current release, a limited set of operations are supported on CPU.

  • ping_rx: “receive” and log an int value

  • ping_tx: “transmit” an int value

  • segmentation_postprocessor: generic AI postprocessing operator

  • tensor_rt *(deprecated)*: perform AI inference with TensorRT

  • v4l2_video_capture: V4L2 Video Capture

  • video_stream_recorder: write a video stream output as .gxf_entities + .gxf_index files on disk

  • video_stream_replayer: read .gxf_entities + .gxf_index files on disk as a video stream input

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