Struct HolovizOp::InputSpec

Holoscan v0.6
struct InputSpec

Input specification

Public Functions

InputSpec() = default

inline InputSpec(const std::string &tensor_name, InputType type)

InputSpec(const std::string &tensor_name, const std::string &type_str)

explicit InputSpec(const std::string &yaml_description)

an InputSpec from the YAML form output by description()

inline explicit operator bool() const noexcept

true if the input spec is valid

std::string description() const

a YAML string representation of the InputSpec

Public Members

std::string tensor_name_

name of the tensor containing the input data

InputType type_ = InputType::UNKNOWN

input type

float opacity_ = 1.f

layer opacity, 1.0 is fully opaque, 0.0 is fully transparent

int32_t priority_ = 0

layer priority, determines the render order, layers with higher priority values are rendered on top of layers with lower priority values

std::vector<float> color_ = {1.f, 1.f, 1.f, 1.f}

color of rendered geometry

float line_width_ = 1.f

line width for geometry made of lines

float point_size_ = 1.f

point size for geometry made of points

std::vector<std::string> text_

array of text strings, used when type_ is TEXT.

DepthMapRenderMode depth_map_render_mode_ = DepthMapRenderMode::POINTS

depth map render mode, used if type_ is DEPTH_MAP or DEPTH_MAP_COLOR.

std::vector<View> views_

struct View

Layer view.

By default a layer will fill the whole window. When using a view the layer can be placed freely within the window.

Layers can also be placed in 3D space by specifying a 3D transformation matrix. Note that for geometry layers there is a default matrix which allows coordinates in the range of [0 … 1] instead of the Vulkan [-1 … 1] range. When specifying a matrix for a geometry layer, this default matrix is overwritten.

When multiple views are specified the layer is drawn multiple times using the specified layer views.

It’s possible to specify a negative term for height, which flips the image. When using a negative height, one should also adjust the y value to point to the lower left corner of the viewport instead of the upper left corner.

Public Members

float offset_x_ = 0.f

float offset_y_ = 0.f

offset of top-left corner of the view. Top left coordinate of the window area is (0, 0) bottom right coordinate is (1, 1).

float width_ = 1.f

float height_ = 1.f

width and height of the view in normalized range. 1.0 is full size.

std::optional<std::array<float, 16>> matrix_

row major 4x4 transform matrix (optional, can be nullptr)

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