ResNet-N with TensorFlow and DALI

This demo implements residual networks model and use DALI for the data augmentation pipeline from the original paper.

Common utilities for defining the network and performing basic training are located in the nvutils directory. Use of nvutils is demonstrated in the model scripts available in docs/examples/use_cases/tensorflow/resnet-n/

For parallelization, we use the Horovod distribution framework, which works in concert with MPI. To train ResNet-50 (--layers=50) using 8 V100 GPUs, for example on DGX-1, use the following command (--dali_cpu indicates to the script to use CPU backend for DALI):

$ mpiexec --allow-run-as-root --bind-to socket -np 8 python \
                                                     --layers=50 \
                                                     --data_dir=/data/imagenet \
                                                     --data_idx_dir=/data/imagenet-idx \
                                                     --precision=fp16 \
                                                     --log_dir=/output/resnet50 \

Here we have assumed that imagenet is stored in tfrecord format in the directory ‘/data/imagenet’. After training completes, evaluation is performed using the validation dataset.

Some common training parameters can tweaked from the command line. Others must be configured within the network scripts themselves.

Original scripts modified from nvidia-examples scripts in NGC TensorFlow Container



pip install tensorflow-gpu==1.10.0


wget -q -O - | tar -xz
cd openmpi-3.0.0
./configure --enable-orterun-prefix-by-default --with-cuda --prefix=/usr/local/mpi --disable-getpwuid
make -j"$(nproc)" install
cd .. && rm -rf openmpi-3.0.0
echo "/usr/local/mpi/lib" >> /etc/ && ldconfig
export PATH=/usr/local/mpi/bin:$PATH

The following works around a segfault in OpenMPI 3.0 when run within a single node without ssh being installed.

/bin/echo -e '#!/bin/bash'\
'\ncat <<EOF'\
'\nTo run a multi-node job, install an ssh client and clear plm_rsh_agent'\
'\nin '/usr/local/mpi/etc/openmpi-mca-params.conf'.'\
'\nexit 1' >> /usr/local/mpi/bin/ && \
    chmod +x /usr/local/mpi/bin/ && \
    echo "plm_rsh_agent = /usr/local/mpi/bin/" >> /usr/local/mpi/etc/openmpi-mca-params.conf


export HOROVOD_NCCL_INCLUDE=/usr/include
export HOROVOD_NCCL_LIB=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu
pip install horovod==0.15.1