GXF extensions

Holoscan v0.5.1
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See the User Guide for details regarding the extensions in GXF and Holoscan SDK, and for instructions to build your own extensions

  • bayer_demosaic: includes the nvidia::holoscan::BayerDemosaic codelet. It performs color filter array (CFA) interpolation for 1-channel inputs of 8 or 16-bit unsigned integer and outputs an RGB or RGBA image.

  • gxf_holoscan_wrapper: includes the holoscan::gxf::OperatorWrapper codelet. It is used as a utility base class to wrap a holoscan operator to interface with the GXF framework.

  • opengl_renderer: includes the nvidia::holoscan::OpenGLRenderer codelet. It displays a VideoBuffer, leveraging OpenGL/CUDA interop.

  • tensor_rt: includes the nvidia::holoscan::TensorRtInference codelet. It takes input tensors and feeds them into TensorRT for inference.

  • stream_playback: includes the nvidia::holoscan::stream_playback::VideoStreamSerializer entity serializer to/from a Tensor Object.

  • v4l2_source: includes the nvidia::holoscan::V4L2Source codelet. It uses V4L2 to get image frames from a USB cameras. The output is a VideoBuffer object.

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