Template Function holoscan::gxf::find_component_handle

Holoscan v0.6
template<typename S>
inline gxf_uid_t holoscan::gxf::find_component_handle(gxf_context_t context, gxf_uid_t component_uid, const char *key, const std::string &tag, const std::string &prefix)

Return a component ID from the handle name.

This method parses the handle name and interprets it as either a component name in the current entity, or as a composed string of the form ‘entity_name/component_name’. This method reuses a logic from the GXF SDK.

  • context – The GXF context.

  • component_uid – The component ID of the component that contains the parameter.

  • key – The key of the parameter.

  • tag – The handle name.

  • prefix – The prefix of the component name.


The component ID referenced by the key.

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