Function holoscan::viz::DepthMap

void holoscan::viz::DepthMap(DepthMapRenderMode render_mode, uint32_t width, uint32_t height, ImageFormat depth_fmt, CUdeviceptr depth_device_ptr, ImageFormat color_fmt, CUdeviceptr color_device_ptr)

Render a depth map.

Depth maps are rectangular 2D arrays where each element represents a depth value. The data is rendered as a 3D object using points, lines or triangles. Additionally a 2D array with a color value for each point in the grid can be specified.

Depth maps are rendered in 3D and support camera movement. The camera is operated using the mouse.

  • Orbit (LMB)

  • Pan (LMB + CTRL | MMB)

  • Dolly (LMB + SHIFT | RMB | Mouse wheel)

  • Look Around (LMB + ALT | LMB + CTRL + SHIFT)

  • Zoom (Mouse wheel + SHIFT)

  • render_mode – depth map render mode

  • width – width of the depth map

  • height – height of the depth map

  • depth_fmt – format of the depth map data (has to be ImageFormat::R8_UNORM)

  • depth_device_ptr – Cuda device memory pointer holding the depth data

  • color_fmt – format of the color data (has to be ImageFormat::R8G8B8A8_UNORM)

  • color_device_ptr – Cuda device memory pointer holding the color data (optional)

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