Inference Intent

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Module ID: infer_email_intent Module Namespace: morpheus_spear_phishing

Infers an ‘intent’ for a given email body.




Example Value

Default Value

intent string The intent for the model “classify” None
task string The task for the model “text-classification” "text-classification"
model_path string The path to the model “/path/to/model” None
truncation boolean If true, truncates inputs to max_length true true
max_length integer Maximum length for model input 512 512
batch_size integer The size of batches for processing 256 256
feature_col string The feature column to use “body” "body"
label_col string The label column to use “label” "label"
device integer The device to run on 0 0
raise_on_failure boolean If true, raise exceptions on failures false false

{ "intent": "classify", "task": "text-classification", "model_path": "/path/to/model", "truncation": true, "max_length": 512, "batch_size": 256, "feature_col": "body", "label_col": "label", "device": 0, "raise_on_failure": false }

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