DFP Split Users Module

This module function splits the data based on user IDs.




Example Value

Default Value

fallback_username str The user ID to use if the user ID is not found “generic_user” generic_user
include_generic bool Whether to include a generic user ID in the output false false
include_individual bool Whether to include individual user IDs in the output true false
only_users list List of user IDs to include; others will be excluded [“user1”, “user2”, “user3”] []
skip_users list List of user IDs to exclude from the output [“user4”, “user5”] []
timestamp_column_name str Name of the column containing timestamps “timestamp” timestamp
userid_column_name str Name of the column containing user IDs “username” username

{ "fallback_username": "generic_user", "include_generic": false, "include_individual": true, "only_users": [ "user1", "user2", "user3" ], "skip_users": [ "user4", "user5" ], "timestamp_column_name": "timestamp", "userid_column_name": "username" }

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