Enum TypeId

(Latest Version)
enum class morpheus::TypeId : int32_t

Enum class for representing data types used in Tensors and DataFrame columns.


enumerator EMPTY

Always null with no underlying data.

enumerator INT8

1 byte signed integer

enumerator INT16

2 byte signed integer

enumerator INT32

4 byte signed integer

enumerator INT64

8 byte signed integer

enumerator UINT8

1 byte unsigned integer

enumerator UINT16

2 byte unsigned integer

enumerator UINT32

4 byte unsigned integer

enumerator UINT64

8 byte unsigned integer

enumerator FLOAT32

4 byte floating point

enumerator FLOAT64

8 byte floating point

enumerator BOOL8

Boolean using one byte per value, 0 == false, else true.

enumerator STRING

String elements, not supported by cupy.

enumerator NUM_TYPE_IDS

Total number of type ids.

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