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Contains configuration objects used to run pipeline and utilities.


auto_determine_bootstrap() Auto determine bootstrap servers for kafka cluster.


AEFeatureScalar(value) The available scaling options for the AutoEncoder class.
Config([debug, log_level, log_config_file, ...]) Pipeline configuration class.
ConfigAutoEncoder([feature_columns, ...]) AutoEncoder configuration class.
ConfigBase() This is the base class for pipeline configuration.
ConfigFIL([feature_columns]) Config specific to running with a FIL model.
ConfigOnnxToTRT([input_model, output_model, ...]) Configuration class for the OnnxToTRT migration process.
CppConfig() Allows setting whether C++ implementations should be used for Morpheus stages and messages.
PipelineModes(value) The type of usecases that can be executed by the pipeline is determined by the enum.

Auto determine bootstrap servers for kafka cluster.

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