DFP Monitor Module

This module function monitors the pipeline message flow rate.




Example Value

Default Value

description string Name to show for this Monitor Stage in the console window “Progress” Progress
silence_monitors bool Silence the monitors on the console True False
smoothing float Smoothing parameter to determine how much the throughput should be averaged 0.01 0.05
unit string Units to show in the rate value “messages” messages
delayed_start bool When delayed_start is enabled, the progress bar will not be shown until the first message is received. Otherwise, the progress bar is shown on pipeline startup and will begin timing immediately. In large pipelines, this option may be desired to give a more accurate timing. True False
determine_count_fn_schema string Custom function for determining the count in a message “Progress” Progress
log_level string Enable this stage when the configured log level is at log_level or lower. “DEBUG” INFO
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