Batch Data Payload Module

This module batches incoming control message data payload into smaller batches based on the specified configurations.




Example Value

Default Value

max_batch_size integer The maximum size of each batch 256 256
raise_on_failure boolean Whether to raise an exception if a failure occurs during processing false false
group_by_columns list The column names to group by when batching [“col1”, “col2”] []
disable_max_batch_size boolean Whether to disable the max_batch_size and only batch by group false false
timestamp_column_name string The name of the timestamp column None None
timestamp_pattern string The pattern to parse the timestamp column None None
period string The period for grouping by timestamp H D

{ "max_batch_size": 256, "raise_on_failure": false, "group_by_columns": [], "disable_max_batch_size": false, "timestamp_column_name": null, "timestamp_pattern": null, "period": "D" }

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