class nemo.collections.common.losses.AggregatorLoss(*args: Any, **kwargs: Any)

Sums several losses into one.

  • num_inputs – number of input losses

  • weights – a list of coefficient for merging losses

__init__(num_inputs: int = 2, weights: Optional[List[float]] = None)

class nemo.collections.common.losses.CrossEntropyLoss(*args: Any, **kwargs: Any)
__init__(logits_ndim=2, weight=None, reduction='mean', ignore_index=- 100)
  • logits_ndim (int) – number of dimensions (or rank) of the logits tensor

  • weight (list) – list of rescaling weight given to each class

  • reduction (str) – type of the reduction over the batch

class nemo.collections.common.losses.MSELoss(*args: Any, **kwargs: Any)
__init__(reduction: str = 'mean')

reduction – type of the reduction over the batch

class nemo.collections.common.losses.SmoothedCrossEntropyLoss(*args: Any, **kwargs: Any)

Calculates Cross-entropy loss with label smoothing for a batch of sequences.

SmoothedCrossEntropyLoss: 1) excludes padding tokens from loss calculation 2) allows to use label smoothing regularization 3) allows to calculate loss for the desired number of last tokens 4) per_token_reduction - if False disables reduction per token

  • label_smoothing (float) – label smoothing regularization coefficient

  • predict_last_k (int) – parameter which sets the number of last tokens to calculate the loss for, for example 0: (default) calculate loss on the entire sequence (e.g., NMT) 1: calculate loss on the last token only (e.g., LM evaluation) Intermediate values allow to control the trade-off between eval time (proportional to the number of batches) and eval performance (proportional to the number of context tokens)

  • pad_id (int) – padding id

  • eps (float) – the small eps number to avoid division buy zero

__init__(pad_id: Optional[int] = None, label_smoothing: Optional[float] = 0.0, predict_last_k: Optional[int] = 0, eps: float = 1e-06, per_token_reduction: bool = True)

class nemo.collections.common.losses.SpanningLoss(*args: Any, **kwargs: Any)

implements start and end loss of a span e.g. for Question Answering.


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