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ControlNet [MM-MODELS-CN1] is a neural network structure to control diffusion models by adding extra conditions. It copies the weights of neural network blocks into a “locked” copy and a “trainable” copy. The “trainable” one learns your condition. The “locked” one preserves your model. In this way, the ControlNet can reuse the SD encoder as a deep, strong, robust, and powerful backbone to learn diverse controls. NeMo Multimodal provides a training pipeline and example implementation for generating images based on segmentation maps. Users have the flexibility to explore other implementations using their own control input dataset and recipe.


ControlNet Dataset

ControlNet employs the WebDataset format for data ingestion. (See Datasets) Beyond the essential image-text pairs saved in tarfiles with matching names but distinct extensions (like 000001.jpg and 000001.txt), ControlNet also requires control input within the tarfiles, identifiable by their specific extension. By default, the control input should be stored as 000001.png for correct loading and identification in NeMo’s implementation.

Even though the original copy of Stable Diffusion weights is locked, proper configuration settings toghether with a compatible pre-trained checkpoint are required for initialization. See Model Configuration for more details about unet_config, first_stage_config and cond_stage_config.

Contol Stage Config


control_stage_config: _target_: nemo.collections.multimodal.models.controlnet.controlnet.ControlNet params: from_pretrained_unet: /ckpts/v1-5-pruned.ckpt from_NeMo: False image_size: 32 # unused in_channels: 4 hint_channels: 3 model_channels: 320 attention_resolutions: [ 4, 2, 1 ] num_res_blocks: 2 channel_mult: [ 1, 2, 4, 4 ] num_heads: 8 use_spatial_transformer: True use_linear_in_transformer: False transformer_depth: 1 context_dim: 768 use_checkpoint: False legacy: False use_flash_attention: True

  • from_pretrained_unet: Same logic as unet_config.from_pretrained, adjust the from_NeMo based on the checkpoint’s source, whether it’s from Huggingface or NeMo.

  • control_stage_config: Outlines the architecture for the trainable copy of U-Net. It’s essential that all parameters align with the U-Net checkpoint specified in this section.

  • hint_channels: Represents the channels of input controls, which is 3 in the mentioned example due to the RGB image input having a shape of (H, W, 3).

ControlNet Training Options


model: control_key: hint only_mid_control: False sd_locked: True ...

  • contorl_key: Identifier of the control input, .png files will be converted to dictionary for dataloaders with their keys being hint.

  • only_mid_control: When set to True, during training, only the output from the middle block of the trainable copy will be incorporated into the locked copy.

  • sd_locked: Whether to lock the original stable diffusion weights during training.



To Enable

Data parallelism Dataset read concurrently Automatically when training on multi GPUs/nodes
Activation Checkpointing Reduce memory usage by clearing activations of certain layers and recomputing them during a backward pass model.unet_config.use_checkpoint=True
Bfloat16 Training Training in Bfloat16 precision trainer.precision=bf16
Flash Attention Fast and Memory-Efficient Exact Attention with IO-Awareness model.unet_config.use_flash_attention=True && model.control_stage_config.use_flash_attention=True
Channels Last Ordering NCHW tensors in memory preserving dimensions ordering. model.channels_last=True
Inductor TorchInductor compiler model.inductor=True

Zhang Lllyasviel. Lllyasviel/controlnet. 2023. URL:

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