DIGITS Release 5.0

Key Features and Enhancements

The DIGITS version 5.0 release includes the following key features and enhancements. These enhancements are new since DIGITS version 4.0.
  • Enabled the DIGITS Model Store
  • Fixed calculations related to batch accumulation for NVCaffe™
  • Support for image segmentation workflows
  • Online data augmentation with Torch™
  • Show CPU and system memory utilization during training
  • Improved bounding-box visualizations for object detection models
  • Created groups of jobs for easier display on the home page
  • Enabled sharing of data visualization extensions for both dataset exploration and viewing inference results
  • Support for plugin extensions
  • Added documentation for the REST API
  • Fixed bug with Torch and CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES
  • Fixed issues with browsers returning incorrectly cached css and js files
  • New design for Torch multi-GPU training
  • Added Ubuntu 16.04 support by updating dependency versions
  • digits-devserver is now a small shell script instead of a Python script

Using DIGITS 5.0

Ensure you are familiar with the following notes when using this version.
  • Use environment variables for configuration instead of a file

Deprecated Features

  • Removed the digits-server script and its dependency on gunicorn

Known Issues

  • Training goes on longer than required when using batch accumulation