DIGITS Release 5.0

NVIDIA DIGITS (Latest Release) Download PDF

Key Features and Enhancements

The DIGITS version 5.0 release includes the following key features and enhancements. These enhancements are new since DIGITS version 4.0.

  • Enabled the DIGITS Model Store
  • Fixed calculations related to batch accumulation for NVCaffe™
  • Support for image segmentation workflows
  • Online data augmentation with Torch™
  • Show CPU and system memory utilization during training
  • Improved bounding-box visualizations for object detection models
  • Created groups of jobs for easier display on the home page
  • Enabled sharing of data visualization extensions for both dataset exploration and viewing inference results
  • Support for plugin extensions
  • Added documentation for the REST API
  • Fixed bug with Torch and CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES
  • Fixed issues with browsers returning incorrectly cached css and js files
  • New design for Torch multi-GPU training
  • Added Ubuntu 16.04 support by updating dependency versions
  • digits-devserver is now a small shell script instead of a Python script

Using DIGITS 5.0

Ensure you are familiar with the following notes when using this version.

  • Use environment variables for configuration instead of a file

Deprecated Features

  • Removed the digits-server script and its dependency on gunicorn

Known Issues

  • Training goes on longer than required when using batch accumulation

Last updated on Sep 27, 2021.