DIGITS Release 6.1

Key Features and Enhancements

The DIGITS version 6.1 release includes the following key features and enhancements. These enhancements are new since DIGITS version 6.0.
  • Added functionality to integrate DIGITS with S3 Endpoints (#1868)
  • Added publish to inference server on classification workflow (#1906)
  • Fix frozen graph issue (#1907)
  • Fix 404 error for /datasets/inference-form/... from #1888 (#1889)
  • Remove timeout assertion (#1859)

Using DIGITS 6.1

Ensure you are familiar with the following notes when using this version.
  • HTML embedding now defaults to PNG
  • Images that causes exceptions will now show the file name

Known Issues

There is an out of memory error in the semantic-segmentation example when training the FCN AlexNet model on Tesla P100.